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IT Products
IT Products & Services

IT Consultancy
Structured Cabling
IT Integration

IT Consultancy
We offer a pragmatic, realistic approach to addressing client IT technical issues. We ensure an in-depth understanding of both our clients and their businesses. Our independence and extensive experience mean you can be confident that we deliver only credible, logical solutions with optimal balance between cost reduction and technical improvement.

Expert technical consulting services to help organizations turn the burden of managing their network and technology into a complete business advantage. Backed by an extensive IT and business experience of our staff, We also taps on a pool of networking industry experts and utilizes the appropriate technology and processes to help companies plan and design their IT strategy for optimal network performance and greater business opportunities.

Upon an “as needed” basis, organizations can benefit from our focused, flexible resources to complement their own internal expertise. Whether it’s advice on how best to make your network support your business goals or technical guidance on how to keep your network safe and secure, We have the solution for you.

Through its highly integrated approach, our Consulting ensures that an IT technical aspect of your organization is fully aligned with the business strategy.

Our Consul ting’s Capability Model enables us to optimize resources, develop detailed planning and budgeting, and allocate our most appropriate consultants to client projects - so you get the best results at the right cost.

Providing various types of services:
QoS Assessments
Configuration Assessments
Network Traffic Assessments
Conceptual Design
Technology Comparison
Architectural Design
IT Security Audits
Security Design
Security Research 
System Reinforcement
Deployment Strategy Consultancy
Proof of Concept Consultancy
Intrusive Testing
IP Architecture Consultancy 

Structured Cabling
Structured cabling is the foundation of a successful Intelligent Building Network and the basic investment on which all other network equipment depends.

Emerging bandwidth intensive applications – like voice over IP, IP-based videoconferencing and digital audio and video – are becoming reality. Businesses expect their information technology (IT) investment to impact on their bottom line; to increase sales, decrease operational costs and improve product quality. Now, more than ever, information plays a vital role. The successful delivery of that information within and across enterprises – globally – is an absolute necessity. To that end, a reliable, high-performance IT cabling foundation is of key importance.

Structured Cabling Service offer a specialized communications cabling installation contractor. We will assess your new and current cabling system, advice, design, install, commission and maintain a cabling system to meet your requirements and budget.

Providing various types of cabling service:
Requirements Analysis & System Specification
Systems Analysis and Design
Cat 5E & Cat 6 Structured Cable
Integrated Voice and Data Cabling
Fiber Optic Cabling Installation & Termination
Outside Plant Cable Installation

IT Integration
The ultimate goal of our integration services is the implementation of “total solutions”.
Organizations rely on network-enabled solutions to meet their business goals. That means the successful implementation and integration of multiple manufacturers’ equipment, and effective project management to “glue” the pieces together. We make best effort to install, commission, stage and configure equipment from any manufacturer, in all of the company’s operating regions. Hence it’s easy to discover that We are ideally positioned to provide seamless services that allows our clients to focus on their core business, safe in the knowledge that their ICT infrastructure remain secure and continue to play their part in meeting critical business needs.

Our integration services are vital to the successful implementation and integration of any network and security infrastructure. We understand that a successful project implementation depends on the existence of a solid project methodology.

Our IT Integration services offers:
Installation & Commissioning
Site Surveys
Acceptance Testing

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